Born in Pennsylvania, started creating music with best friend Terrance at age thirteen in the city of Bethlehem. Figgy was a natural talent freestyling to drake and lil Wayne beats. He was just a rapper at the time of 2010-2014. When 2015 arrived he started taking his craft to the next level by writing, gaining influences from The Weekend, Trippier Redd, and Juice World. Relations 1 was a soundcloud release in 2015 talking about his relationships and being relatable to his fellow peers. He was captivating his audience growing within the Lehigh Valley making noise ensuring his success. The city realized and separated him from the other local talents. The next chapter began with the single “WAVE” solidifying his fan base. Figgy’s hype was building him to higher heights after his release of “WAVE”. His fans were anticipating Relations 2. Following the release the fans decided his next hit was “Doubts to Believe in”. Doubts to Believe in made his fans relate to his heart. Solidifying his spot in the game he didn’t stop there. Teasing his fans he released “No Good for You” and “Let Go”. Releasing “Let Go” put him in a position of getting newer fans excited for his next project. Making his first appearance on “Perfect Timing” giving Ariel Velez an exclusive to what to anticipate in 2021. Figgy announced his next project “Fall From Space”. “Out of Me” was his next Hit!

Genre: R&B/Hip-Hop
Manager contact: 4846497432-Ariel Velez