Biography: Dan has always been surrounded by music. He states, ‘From a young age, I remember listening to Ray Charles and Etta James….Duke Ellington and Stevie Wonder.’

Almost immediately, one can’t help but be captivated by the combination of Dan’s musical roots and his natural modern and popular style of writing.

‘I grow musically in every experience. I travel for inspiration…and also find it in the simplicity of my hometown’.

This speaks throughout each song Dan writes, baring an immediacy of emotion and an authentic reaction to his life that one can feel as much as hear.

Dan Dillett has been crafting songs and performing solo throughout the Midwest for years. His songs have been heard rattling through everything from coffee houses to barns and bar rooms to theaters. Dan’s voice is unmistakable and real. He states,

We’ve been in the studio this last year producing my debut EP ‘Quiet the Choir’. It’s new and refreshing. Now, we spread the word.’

The Dan Dillett Band features Dan Dillett on Vocals and Acoustic Guitar, Patrick James Moynihan on Electric Guitar, Keys and Vocals, Adam Duym on Bass and Ted Morris on Drums. This combination of players brings together individuals with influences of classic Motown, Smokey Blues, Modern Funk and Pop, smoothly blended in the tone of a vintage soul record.