Biography: On Mackenzie’s arm is a tattoo that reads “Hummingbird”. Hummingbird was a nickname given to Mackenzie as a young child as she was often found playing alone, content, and humming made up melodies to herself. She remembers desires to be a singer/performer from the early age of 4 years old but recalls hiding those desires as she went through her grade and middle school years. At times this hiding was the result of teachers and peers stating that “no one becomes a professional singer” and “yes, but please think of real careers to pursue”.

Mackenzie recalls her school years as frustrating as she struggled to be an average student in school.

At the age of 14 the clouds began to part when Mackenzie engaged in the simple act of picking up a guitar. This act out was birthed out of boredom as she sat home alone during a winter break in which all of her friends were away visiting wonderful places. She proceeded to strum, teach herself chords, and experience a part of her brain that seemed to understand music better than anything she had been taught in school.

In her later teen years, Mackenzie’s vocal abilities were recognized as special by a handful of notables: John Oates (Hall N Oates), Courtney Burns (head talent producer at The Voice), Bruce Hall (former head of opera and voice at Northwestern University), and Artie Kornfeld (Woodstock 1969 founder and former VP at Capitol Records).

In the summer of 2017, Mackenzie was asked to tour Nashville with Artie Kornfeld as he engaged in a book signing tour. Mackenzie provided live music for the crowd at each venue that hosted this music legend. During this tour Mackenzie met New York born and Nashville based producer Bill McDermott.

Over the course of the last year, Mackenzie has continued to travel to Nashville to work with Bill and other production teams in building her artistry. This work has included writing partnerships with some of Nashville’s best and most successful writers. She has formed longer term writing relationships with Nebraska based Jason Hamor and Olivia Rudeen from DeLuge Music Nashville.

Mackenzie has entered talks with several media companies and record labels but has avoided the temptation to take the early deal when entering the complicated world of professional music. She continues to write and discover herself and artistry and looks forward to finding a broader audience in and outside of the states.

In December of 2018, Mackenzie was awarded a grant from the Illinois Arts Council funded by The National Endowment for The Arts. This award was given in support of her work and further demonstrated recognition of her as an emerging artist.



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