Since the inception of CLIFFHANGER, the band has been working relentlessly to evolve their sound, attract new fans, and expose their music to everyone. Recording with Michael Govaere (ex-Every Avenue) at Downbeat Studio, CLIFFHANGER self-released their debut EP “Just ignite.” The angsty lyrics, catchy guitar riffs, and aggressive drumming on “Just Ignite” helped land CLIFFHANGER as #7 on Pop Punk World’s Top 20 Unsigned Bands of 2013.

When writing for their sophomore EP, CLIFFHANGER decided to write more forceful, energetic, and catchy songs that still held true to apprehensive lyrics. Returning to Govaere, CLIFFHANGER recorded their sophomore EP, “Cut The Ties.” Since recording, CLIFFHANGER teamed up with No Anchor to record a music video for “Cut The Ties” first single “Halfway Through.” CLIFFHANGER is looking to break out of Chicago and hit the road.

CLIFFHANGER released their sophomore EP “Cut The Ties” in January of 2015 and is available now on all digital platforms! Physical copies can be purchased on Bandcamp or Big Cartel.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cliffhangerpoppunk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CLIFFHANGERPUNK