Biography: 13 takes the direct approach in her lyrical subject matter. Growing up in the streets of Chicago, she has been able to speak the language of the streets with the intelligence of a scholar. Some of her early influences were emcee’s such as KRS one, Nas, Master Ace, Latifah, Rakim, and Lauren Hill. Studying these masterminds has given 13 the ability to speak to the masses. She has an East-Coast tough, innovative style though the West-Coast and over seas consumed majority of her solo EP. She nothing like the “average female emcee” reciting rhymes about: designer brands, raunchy sex, and taking a man’s money. Her lyrical content is more intelligent and up lifting without being preachy, with an edge. 13’s play on words is so clever that she is able to reach consumers from the streets to Wall Street. She is considered to be one of the illest elements in the game.