AfterSound can only be described in one way: ridiculously high-energy indie-pop.

Hailing from the Windy City, Zain Lodhia (vocals/guitar/synths) and Kevin Amaro (drums) draw from their backgrounds and influences which range from indie rock to hip-hop to metal. The fusion of acoustic and electronic elements allows them to transcend the boundaries of genre as they attempt to break as many songwriting rules as possible.

After forming in early 2014, AfterSound is off to a rapid start with their upbeat sound and an explosive live set. Reworking some of Zain’s previous solo material, the band released the Derivation EP in April of 2014 and has been playing all over the midwest, including headlining shows at the legendary Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago. In August of 2014, the band teamed up with the United Nations Relief & Works Agency by donating their new single, ‘Stand Tall’, to raise money for the organization’s humanitarian efforts.

After releasing their single, ‘Find a Way’, AfterSound is working on their second EP set to be released in late 2015.