As a mystic known for her ingenious and intuitive spirituality, alternative soul and r&b songstress, Ädiana Ross, finds herself at home in the expression of her expanded artistry and charges into the music scene with her debut single “Red Wine”. Many find the artist captivating with her unique, rich & sultry tones and mysterious allure.

Red Wine is an ambient and soulful ode to her empowering complexities and feminine prowess as she lyrically navigates the aftermath of a romantic breakup. It’s unique in its atmospheric contrasts as it grips the listener with its closeness and honesty while lending instrumental breaks that give moments of transcendence.

Ross boldly brings her subject to an undeniable reckoning with this debut single and generously takes you through her thoughts and affairs with lyrical precision and vocal tapestries layered in soft harmonies and seductive composition.

“There was this one night, I was up really late and was feeling diverse emotions simultaneously and to keep from overflowing, I penned a letter to my ex. And I poured the ending of what we had from myself in a single midnight hour. It was the only way I could refill myself, with myself again, at the time.”

Red Wine speaks to Ross’ pen and vocal magnetism making her worthy of recognition with this debut. Now sit back, and allow Ädiana Ross to take you on a majestic high with her effortless command of sound.