An interview with ACD
By: Dennis M. Kelly

DK: Good day Austine, how are you today?

ACD: I’m very well, thank you.

DK: Tell me about yourself… who is ACD and how did you get your start in music?

ACD: Well, ACD is a boy from the Eastern part of Nigeria (Abia State), I grew up in the western part of Nigeria called “Lagos State”. I have always loved music but initially I just sang for fun. You know when you’re in the shower and you sing like you’re Michael Jackson.? Haha! My start to music began when my Senior Prefect in high school heard me singing in a classroom, He liked what he heard and so he told me to perform on the School’s Children’s Day Celebration. I was nervous because I had never sung to a lot of people before, never even performed. I had no recorded material at the the time, so I sang live, with live instruments, I had a keyboardist and a drummer playing for me while I sang my song live. The people (students) loved and accepted it well, after that day I performed at every major event at the School. That was how the music journey started for me.

DK: Chicago has a great variety of music but I will admit, I have not heard much world music from our great Windy City… so, your music is a breath of fresh air, indeed! How did you come to play world music and who were your inspirations?

ACD: Thank you. Well, In Nigeria where I’m from, I would say the most popular genre over there is Afrobeats. It basically means the fusion of different genre of music but making it a Nigerian sound. There’s Afro Pop, Afro R&B, Afro reggae, et.c but Afro is the Base. In this part of the World it is called or known as “World Music”. It is a Unique sound of music especially for the people over here. I basically grew up listening to that style of music and I loved it, I was hugely influenced by it and that was how I got to start making that type of music. My inspirations could come from anything including, life experiences, personal experiences, women, love, and sometimes my mood or the style of the beat. Some musicians who inspire me are: P-Square, Ed Sheeran, Michael Jackson, Wizkid, and UB40.

DK: With songs like Belinda, Part of You and My Girl, those sound like they’d be personal, are they?

ACD: “Part of You” was personal. But generally I would say it’s 50/50. Some of my songs are personal and some aren’t. Sometimes I just imagine a possible happenings and sing about it. Sometimes it could also be personal; from my personal experience or a friend’s or whatever’s going on in my surrounding. I actually composed a song off a friend’s heartbreak before. Funny huh? Lol. It just depends on what beat I’m listening to, how it sounds, the vibe I get and what mood I am in.

DK: Do you have a full length album out as yet?

ACD: No, I don’t have a full length Album as of yet, but that will come in the right time.

DK: How many songs have you produced so far?

ACD: I honestly don’t know the exact number, but it’s around 16-18. Thereabout.

DK: Where have you performed live so far?

ACD: I have performed at a number of different places, mostly in Africa.

DK: Tell me about other musicians you work with?

ACD: I have worked with a good amount of upcoming acts. Most of the songs I was featured in. I’m yet to work with an “A-list” musician.

DK: What would you say is ACD’s philosophy?

ACD: Quality Content is my philosophy. Whatever it is, I do my best to put out good music. I know some or most musicians make music they enjoy and put it out there whether they think their fans might like it or not. As for me, I wouldn’t want to listen to trash honestly, so I just give the same energy to my fans. I put out music that I know has potential, songs that I can stand behind anytime and be proud to say yes, I wrote that song, I made that Music!

DK: How would you like to impact your fans/listeners?

ACD: I want a situation whereby, when my fans/listeners are told that ACD just put out a new Music, they’d be like “Hell yeah! I know it’s gonna be a dope song because that’s what He does, He makes good music!”.

DK: What do you have planned for the remainder of 2019?

ACD: I might put out a few more songs, maybe 1 or 2 before the year runs out. I’m still planning.

DK: What are some long term goals you’d like to accomplish?

ACD: My primary long term goal is to gain major recognition, possibly by Brands or Labels, more audience, blogs, more interviews, more shows, tv stations also. I also want to get my music on radio stations. Of course I want to bag awards. All in all I just want success, just like anyone who has a dream and is actively working towards achieving it. Success is the Goal.

DK: Thank you very much for your time today and I wish you all the best on your career!!!

ACD: Thanks a lot, I do appreciate that! Thank you for having me, I had fun!