Rapper Vell2x, from Harvey, IL is a young rapper coming up that is only 17. Vell2x has different styles of music and he has his own flow. His music is for the struggle and what’s going on nowadays. He never knew he was going to be a rapper but growing up around music he knew he had the talent for it. Vell2x is different from other artists, he creates his music from what he had seen, learned, and had been through. He has done shows at the Forge in Joliet IL and other places and he has a couple singles out.

Coming up Vell2x seen a lot of things at a young age. He stayed other places like Markham IL and Calumet City. He played football coming up, that was the only way to release his pain but instead, he decided to follow his dream with music. Vell2x done other sports to stay active and out the way. He knew rapping was something he really liked to do so while doing football, he always kept writing his music and as time went by Vell2x got better with his music.

Vell2x has two videos out on youtube now and is working on his first mixtape. He got a lot of stuff planned out for his fans coming soon. Vell2x_pcg is his instagram and has many singles on the way. Also he has many songs with other artists that he has on the way. PCG is the movement that him and his crew is doing now. Also have a lot more shows in different cities that he is coming to 2020.

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ReverbNation: https://www.reverbnation.com/vell2x
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vell2xpcg/
Twitter: N/A
Instagram: N/A