An Interview with TemperMental
By: Dennis M. Kelly

DK: How did each of you get involved with the Netflix show, ‘Wet Hot American Summer, Ten Years Later’?

TemperMental: We each got a call individually from our management company asking if we were willing to work in Malibu for a three-month commitment. (Kristina, Ruby & Marilaine)

DK: Do each of you have relatives involved in the music industry in some way?

Ruby – My dad does IT work for a guitar company.

DK: When did each of you pick up your respective instruments and have any of you taken lessons?

Ruby – I started playing bass 2 years ago and have never taken a lesson; I have taken vocal lessons since I was 7 and played piano with lessons since I was 8.

Kristina – I have been singing and taking vocal lessons since I was 5

Marilaine – I have been playing and taking guitar lessons for 4 years

Jordan – I have been playing drums for 4 years and taking lessons for 3 years.

DK: What would you say is the philosophy (or mission) of the band?

TemperMental: Do whatever makes you happy!

DK: Your video for ‘Far From the Tree’ is quite powerful, both in its message as well as the production and quality of the song, all well done. Tell me more about what the song means to the band as well as what you hoped to accomplish with the video and do you feel you met your goals?

TemperMental: Thank You. No, we do not feel we have accomplished our goals yet with this video; we would like more people to see it! The songs meaning originally incorporated many different themes, anti-bullying, shootings, racism, accepting others & yourselves, and violence in schools to name a few. There was so many sad things going on in the media during the time we wrote it. The video just hits a portion of what we intended. We would love for the world to see it.

DK: How are each of you managing to balance school and music career?

Ruby – I just graduated high school a year early at 16, with honors and valedictorian.

Jordan – I just started the band this summer and I haven’t had a school year yet with TemperMental, but I’ve played in other bands and it has worked out so far.

Kristina – I am homeschool and I have a very flexible schedule, but I manage with all my hard work. Some days are much longer than others are.

Marilaine – For the past 2 years I was going to an arts school and had really long school days so it was really hard to get everything done but I just switched to a regular school that has shorter school days and so far that seems to be helping with my schedule a lot.

DK: Is there a leader of the band or do you all work collectively on band decisions and songwriting?

TemperMental: We lead and write songs together! :)

DK: How many songs does the band have written so far?

TemperMental: We have many songs written, and 7 songs recorded.

DK: What are your initial thoughts on the music industry so far?

TemperMental: We haven’t seen enough of it to really know, but we know there are a lot of sneaky people out there.

DK: How have the live performances been received so far and how many shows has the band played?

TemperMental: We have had too many shows to count, we have played almost every week or other week for the past two years and sometimes as many as 3 shows in a week. The crowd is always amazed at the fact that we are a young teen all-girl-rock band. We have received great responses!

DK: Your bio states that an EP is in the works, where is the band at with it; when can we expect to see it released?

TemperMental: Actually, we decided to release the songs as singles they will probably be out – one a month, for the next three months. After that, we already have something in the works. Super exciting stuff!

DK: What are some other (non-musical) interests that the band have individually and collectively?

Marilaine and Krissy likes to write fan fiction

Krissy – I like tap dancing, reading books and Anime.

Jordan – I enjoy running, riding my bike, playing ice hockey, and rescuing dogs.

Marilaine – I love to pretend I’m on Broadway, love to write stories and enjoy going to Musicals.

Ruby – I love clothes shopping, and I work out every day.

TemperMental: We love to eat ice cream and swim together. :) Lol that’s what we’re doing right now!

DK: What does the band have lined up for the coming months?

TemperMental: It’s a secret; we would have to kill you if we told you… Something amazing is in the works. We are also super excited about co-writing with Adrian Day, the drummer from No doubt and Tod Forman from Sublime. And we recently had one of our songs produced by David Kahne, a Grammy winning producer who has produced for Paul McCartney, Kelly Clarkson, Lana Del Rey, Stevie Nicks, Fishbone and a lot of other famous artists. Also we are in the studio right now finishing up a few new songs.

DK: What are some long-term goals for the band you’d like to accomplish?

TemperMental: We plan to go on tour, get a larger fan base, become a successful and memorable band, and forever be best friends.

DK: What are the best ways to connect with the band?

On Instagram @Tempermentaltheband

Our Website:

And our email:

DK: Thank you very much for your time!

No problem, thank you for the opportunity.

Biography: TemperMental is an all-girl rock band of 14-16 year olds quickly gaining notoriety in the L.A. music scene. They are lauded as “The Next Generation of Rock ‘n Roll, known for their mad harmonious rock and stellar live performances.”. The core of the girls were brought together by circumstance while spending several months filming the Netflix Comedy TV Series “Wet Hot American Summer, Ten Years Later” in Malibu. During this time, they found that they all had a common bond in music and spent their breaks singing together. A few months after filming wrapped the girls got together for fun and decided to form their all-girl rock band.

You can hear their music on regular rotation now on local radio stations or see them playing at world famous venues such as the Whiskey a Go Go or the House of Blues. They also recently performed and had their new music video release party at the legendary The Village Studios in Los Angeles as guests of owner Jeff Greenberg who had this to say about them:

“…I am honored that we get to be of service to some of the greatest artists in the business and I want to tell you that in my whole time here, I’ve been here now for 23 years, I haven’t been excited as I am now about a new band in years and I’d like to present them to you right now. So how about a huge hand for my favorite band, TemperMental”

The band is currently working on their first EP and recently released their first official music video directed by Emmy nominated director Matt Fackrell.




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