Interview by: Ethan Barnedo

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I’ve always been a musician. The visual stuff came a little later. My dad was a musician and I really looked up to him growing up. It just kinda fell into place that way. Aside from music, I grew up skating and making stencils art with my homies. It started as a way to customize our decks and grew into a love for visual art and painting as well. I try to do at least one creative thing a day, but sometimes keeping track of that stuff can kill the magic.

What made you want to become an artist?

It’s always just kinda been a part of who I was—who I am. But if your asking why kickstarted the Stupkid era of my stuff, I had a buddy in school a few years back who asked me to come with him to the studio to check out his work. I ended up ditching class and rolling through the studio. He blew me away and I was begging to hop on the mic all night ha but I didn’t even have a beat yet. I ended up finding one on beatstars and finished the track at 4am that night. That was Fine. Tracked it the next day at the same studio and the rest is history.

How did you come up with the name Stupkid?

Man that’s a great question with a dumb answer. I had already tracked 3 songs. I was feeling myself but didn’t have any way to get my name out there. I was going by some whack ass name I thought up the night I tracked the vocals so the dude could save the files and was driving myself crazy tryna think of a new one by the time of release. Then one day my girl just hits me with “Stupkid.” Reminded me how it vibed with the classic Hey Arnold cartoon we both love so much while also referencing another project I worked on in previous years. It just fit.

Who/what did you listen to as a kid and did that influence your sound?

To be honest, I got mad adhd and I’m always moving from thing to thing, genre to genre. I’m influenced by such a vast number of artists, it would be a disservice to try and pin it down, because no matter what I said it just wouldn’t be complete. If it helps at all, the first artist that spoke to me as a kid was Johnny cash after my grandfather bought me his full discography on CD for my birthday one year. It’s all I listened to for years. If I had to pick a favorite artist at this point in my life it would either be Mac Miller or MF DOOM. Rest In Peace to all three legends.

Who are your inspirations (Musically and/or Non-musically)

I guess to build off my last answer, the productions styles ofDOOM, Madlib, Dilla, Knxwledge, Nujabes, Q-tip, Mad Conductor and MC Kinny, etc. They just got me onto that different type of sound. They showed me it doesn’t have to be for everyone. They showed me you do you and the people who understand will show up for it. Non-musically I am inspired by great minds like Alan Watts. Those cats who think so far outside the box they found their way back in.

What is your thought process when making a song?

To be honest I don’t really think. I usually get this feeling when I know it’s time to write and just throw it down then and there. I just have the beat looped for however long it takes and I kinda just start writing. I don’t always even know what I’m saying until it’s down on paper sometimes. Other times I’m just free styling on the beat and end keep half of it.

To be real, most songs come out in an hour or two. It’s almost like I can’t help it. Something about just throwing out all those thoughts is both anxiety creating and calming at the same time. It’s cathartic. And at the end I either have something I love or I save what I got for another time—ebb and flow.

Favorite song/project you’ve made so far and why?

If I’m talking my favorite track it’s g++d. Something about that track was me reminding myself shit is gonna be alright and that I’ll figure it out soon enough. As a whole, I felt like No Honey was a much better representation of who I am than Zen was. Zen more helped me get off the ground where as No Honey helped me find the ground again—if that makes sense.

Who are some artists you would like to work with?

More than anything in the world, I would love to work with Stones Throw Records. What I need right now is a producer and someone to help me market these tracks—someone who knows my sound and what I need to get my flows going while complimenting one another’s sound. So in that way it would be a dream to work with producers like madlib, Knxwledge, Peanut Butter Wolf, Keifer, etc. I would also love to work with John Brion, who helped Mac get his stuff finished up in the later years. Truthfully though, I’m open to any and all artists who feel like we would work well together. I love collaboration.

After recently dropping “No Honey” what can we expect for your next project?

What you can expect is more of this nostalgic sound. No Honey was the first step in finding out who I really am. While I hope the next project will continue to reflect that, I’m not too worried because over the last few years I’ve just become a lot more comfortable in my skin as an artist and I’m ready to see where else that progression can take me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Man, 5 years is a long ass time. There’s no way I can predict that kinda thing. But what’s for damn sure is I’ll be making music. I live and breathe that shit. I hear it in my sleep. Whatever the future holds, the music is gonna be there. Keep your ears open.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stup.kid/