SNAPDIBZ BIO: SnapDibz is a producer and songwriter/lyricist duo based in the Chicago area. Snap joined the music scene in 2009 when he began work on his debut album. He hails from Atlanta, GA. With razor sharp wit and depth in his lyric writing…. Snap is taking it to the next level.

DJ Dibz grew up in Chicago and has been producing a variety of pop, hip-hop, and indian beats. He had been DJing in the Shreveport, LA area where he met Snap and they soon joined forces to form SnapDibz. Together they make a pleasantly unique sound consisting of hip-hop blended with a hefty serving of pop, a touch of dance, and a sprinkle of eclectic global flavor.

Very early on SnapDibz experimented with a variety of styles in raw form, not focusing on a polished sound or production level. The first album was named Destiny after the main track on the album that ended up being an underground hit in the Louisiana area due to the catchy melodic chorus.

SnapDibz made it a point to frequently collaborate with other artists and vocalists. Over the next few years they made popular songs such as “Identity” and “Blue Dream” with an emerging artist, Rehan Khan. Their first compilation album, “Reflections”, released in 2017 and featured a wealth of independent and unsigned artists on numerous tracks.

This was the year that the group was able to get more exposure and recognition. SnapDibz had two music videos nominated at the Midwest Video Music Awards that year including “Identity” for Best Hip-Hop Freshman category and “Beakers” for Best Male Hip-Hop Video. They were selected as a crowd pick and was featured on the ReverbNation homepage for a week in May 2017.

The selection as a crowd pick artist was fueled by the popularity of “Drain the Swamp”. This song about Donald Trump tapped into the political and social climate. The song’s relevance to current issues helped listeners connect to it.

The first remix was a song named “Empty Space”, created by the upcoming west coast artist, Em Rossi. SnapDibz put a different spin on this awesome track but stayed true to the vibe and lyrics of it. The album “Reflections” has songs that spanned 5 years and kept true to the themes of self-awareness, love, politics, and pain.

Since the Reflections album the group has released a few singles including “Explore With Me” and the hit track “Dreaming”. They worked on several music videos with the talented director from Reel Mob, Sean Allen. In 2020 they released the EP “Levels”. The 5 tracks on this album were recorded at 505 Recording Studios in Quincy, IL and are at a new level of production quality.

Each song is being met with high praise and anchored by the track “You and I”. Music videos for each track are currently being developed. SnapDibz has not approached live performances the traditional route of touring, but rather selectively putting on their own events which can draw eager fans. They have performed on the Get Money Stop Hatin Tour’s stop in Chicago, as well as the XMA award show in the past.

SnapDibz hopes to perform their latest songs from the Levels EP in the Chicago area at a venue very soon. Their fanbase is growing rapidly this year. They make a point to keep their lyrical style free excessive profanity or popular superficial topics and focus on intellect and depth. This refreshing approach makes SnapDibz an artist to watch in 2020.

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