Royal South, some southern twang, a British accent, and an undeniably brilliant 3 part harmony. When the exciting new trio featuring SaraBeth, Glen Mitchell, and Vickie Vaughn take the stage, there’s an energy that both the audience and members can’t deny.

Individual artists in their own right, with chart topping songs, Grand Ole Opry performances, industry awards, a fiercely loyal social media following, and world tours between them, Royal South is the perfect storm for the creation of a Nashville powerhouse.

Produced by Paul Worley, the man behind the Dixie Chicks, Lady Antebellum, Martina McBride, The Band Perry and many more, you can expect a high energy show, cleverly written songs, and incredible harmonies! The mix of country and bluegrass influences from Royal South shines through with a clever blend of acoustic and contemporary sounds.

With top notch production, their debut single, “Cry, Cry” was released in January of 2019. The tune peaked at #1 on the UK iTunes Country Chart and #2 on the US iTunes New Country Chart. It reached 100,000 streams on Spotify within three weeks of it’s release. Royal South made their TV debut on Good Day New York and have also been seen on NBC’s Today in Nashville, FOX 2 St. Louis, and FOX’s Rock & Review.

“Each song that we’ve recorded for this project are really strong,” exclaimed SaraBeth. “We spent months listening to song pitches. Walker Hayes co-wrote ‘Feet’ and ‘Everything I Touch Turns Blue’. The late Andrew Dorff, along with Chris Tompkins and Mark Irwin wrote our debut single, ‘Cry, Cry.’ RaeLynn co-wrote another. Watching fans resonate with our music has been incredible.”

Royal South’s patience and dedication has certainly paid off, and the release of their debut single “Cry, Cry” is on track to secure them a very exciting future.

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