Paul Handley – Musician/Composer: Paul Handley, Electron, Beltane,The What 4.

New EP ‘Open’ Released October 2018
Following up from, the “Midnight Zone” album, released earlier this year, this 5 track EP has three main songs and two mix variations. Being instrumental, the song titles tend to emerge from impressions invoked while writing them. The breathy sustained synths and hovering vocal FX, appeared to give track 2 “Open” a distinct sense of openness. The song Passage (and it’s two variations) is charged with a driving rhythm, winding it’s way through sections, which endlessly evolve. The song “Lonely Ocean”, …well, it is vast and lonely sounding.
It can be hard to pinpoint the style and sound of this Ambient/Synthwave? Stephane from Side-Line magazine explains it like this, …“It remains nearly impossible to label the work of Paul Handley. He’s a kind of chameleon experimenting with different influences. There for sure is a solid and constant ambient source of inspiration, but the songs also move on the edge of techno and even techno-body music. The sound (Midnight Zone) has something exciting. I like the dry kicks, the solid bass lines and the noticeable ambient atmosphere recovering most of the tracks”.

The “Open EP” is perhaps an interim release, …while the lights begin flicker, and the current of electricity is drawn into a vortex of circuit boards, sound modules and digital processors, …through experimenting, refining, and navigating the vast ocean of possibilities, we hope to see a new album somewhere on the horizon.

FEBRUARY 2018 New Album Released
‘Midnight Zone’ has emerged a little over a year since this Adelaide based, Australian artists last album, ‘What Goes Around’. Here is another instrumental work, retaining a familiar style, where Ambient/Dance fundamentals are steeped with prominent bass lines and uplifting rhythm patterns. Progressing on from this established framework, continued evolvement is noted by additional ‘synth-voice’ textures, and greater orchestral complexities, the latter is particularly seen in the tracks ‘Eclipsed’ and ‘Lost Horizon’. This album appears to be more refined in character, with an enhanced clarity and cohesiveness, but still retains a reasonably broad gamut of moods and intensities. Lighter songs such as ‘First One Then Many’, comfortably sit alongside, the resoundingly more energetic ‘Midnight Zone’ and ‘Wayward’.

Regardless to the depths of introspective brooding, (as the title is intended to suggest), such contemplative sentiments are counterbalanced by compelling bursts euphoria and jubilation. ‘A Brighter Day’, for example, was written whilst in a state of delirium during a bout of the flu, lifting up one’s spirits!
Imagine rays of sunlight making their way down to the ocean depths, there they may appear, to illuminate a direction of optimism, and passage of release …from the Midnight Zone!!

SEPTEMBER 2016 New Album news
– Adelaide based, Australian musician Paul Handley has had a busy 18 months working towards writing 10 new electronic, instrumental songs for this album, now called, ‘What Goes Around’. Paul describes the primary aim and challenge for this release was, “To create songs that are engaging and captivating (at least from a personal perspective) despite lacking the cohesive thread of lyrics and singing. It was an aim to create instrumental music that retains a tangible narrative of an underlying theme. Aside from playing synthesizers in The What 4 (2006-2010), Paul’s most recent releases have been two albums under the name Electron, both more Ambient in nature, hence the album titles, Atmospherics and Nuance. In writing the current material, close attention was paid to the bass melody and rhythmic groove/tempos set to provide the underlying structure. For added depth, subtlety and variation, vast multiples of synthetic leads and pads were tracked. “Creating a CPU overload of challenges and headaches, working to tame and refine, sonic, monstrous outbursts, to harness the discord, and to hopefully arrive, at a place of composure, focus and clarity.”

As a prelude to this, a digital release, single, ‘For the Love of Something’, came out in August and is available in online music stores. A special feature of this three song, release, is a remix of the title track, by the Berlin based artist Emika (, who creates a gentle but powerful version which embodies a rich atmosphere of strings and vocal textures.

An early version of track 10, ‘Hidden’, appears on an industrial/electro compilation put out by Belgium magazine Sideline