Interview by: Ethan Barnedo

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I would describe myself as idk different? LOL I like to just create music differently and be ‘in the moment’, whatever I feel in that given time, whatever sounds I hear, I’ll go for it no matter how weird it may sound to the next person. If I like it, then that’s what I’m going with it.

What made you want to become an artist?

I was always fascinated with music. Music always tended to just rub me the right way no matter what it was. R&B, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Country. It all made me feel mad peaceful whenever things would be in disarray. Then I realized while listening to beats randomly that I could create this same feeling that I’ve had with music myself for other people; kind of like paying it forward in a way, idk. Also it probably helps that my mom and dad were singers/musicians.

Where did you get the name Dvinci?

Well, I like to think of myself as artist like Leonardo DaVinci. From the visuals I create, to the stories I write, music I produce, and hell, even my song covers LOL. I’m almost always in this artistic mindset of painting a picture when it comes to this and so the only name that felt right to me was Dvinci.

Who/what influenced your type of sound?

I want to say Michal Jackson, TBH I probably sound nothing like him to most, but his approach to music was very ‘in your face’ like, this is going to be fire because it’s me, because I’m Michael you know? Then theres some influence from the band Evanescence, who is by far my favorite rock band since ‘Bring Me To Life.’ Cliché I know but no other song will get me up and singing no matter where I am like that LOL then Papa Roach, Green Day, The Rejects, like back when rock was dope AF LOL the new stuff is cool, but it just doesn’t hit the same to me mostly.

Then the real influence which you’ll probably hear in most of my earlier music is Tory Lanez, who is by far one of my fave artists to date aside from a few others (Post Malone, Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud) their vocals just be so dope man, but those are definitely my influences I’d say.

Who are your inspirations(Musically and/or Non-musically)?

Musically I’d say Post Malone, dude came in the game and rocked it with a different vibe than most would expect and just kept growing in sound and notoriety came into a market dominated by “street niggas” and did his thing and then advanced, and passed that into different genres and bodied that too.

He’s definitely an inspiration to me LOL cause I mean look at me, I’m a black dude from Miami FL… who makes rock/trap music that actually sounds good as far as I hear LOL. I make other stuff too, I really can’t wait to show how versatile I really am with this music, I’m talking afro feels, country feels even R&B LOL man but that time will come.

Non musically, shit, my mom Shorty is just the definition of perseverance, she been through a lot too never gave up on raising me and my lil bro making sure we was straight despite being a single mom trying to make things happen. I got a lot to be thankful for because of her and went through less fucked up situations than I [could] have because of her, so if that inspires me to do what I got to, to repay her, and all her dedication, IDK what ever will.

What do you look for in a beat?

GUITARS N 808S LMAO soon as I hear that I’m sold whatever else is there is just icing on the cake. I don’t care if its electric or acoustic chances are we coming out with a song and it’ll be a banger if I like it for real. Other times its flutes, steel drums, VOCALS! like ambient stuff, chants, native vibes idk why but those type of beats do it for me be giving Kanye vibes its on my agenda to have an album like that feat Kanye man probably produced by Kanye too if I can help it. Big dream, I know but it’ll happen one day.

What goes through your head when you write a song?

How can I make this feeling make sense to whoever is listening? How do I make it not boring for them to listen too? Am I being genuine? Is this a fictional story or nonfictional story? What’s the best way to paint this picture AND make a head bop? LOL

If I get in my head too much (which definitely happens) Ima feel like the track will be subpar cause I’m nitpicking too much overanalyzing, and at that point, I’d just be like ‘screw that’ and create whatever the hell I feel like creating cause I’m Dvinci and its going to be fire but yea shit like that LOL you got to be a certain level of crazy to be able to create music I feel.

Favorite song/project you’ve made so far and why?

Ooof, this question here LOL idk I honestly feel like I haven’t made it yet, oddly enough. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I don’t like any of my music, I think the tracks that are out are cool, but I don’t have any real favorites yet and if I told you I did, I’d be lying.

If you were to pick any artists to work with, dead or alive, who would you pick?

OOO aight. So dead, Juice Wrld, XXX, Lil Peep, and Michael Jackson would’ve made fire ass songs so definitely them off the rip. Alive? Tory Lanez, Post Malone, Kanye, J Cole, Iann Dior, 24k Goldn, Uzi, DC The Don, and Travis Scott for sure. I’m not going to lie though if I could get a song in with 50 Cent (Favorite artist overall, shoot me, I don’t care the man is a living legend in my head) or any of my favorite bands that’d be lit as fuck too.

What can we expect from your next project?

Fire, Yep Fire, that is all.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Producing multimillion dollar movies that I wrote, rocking out arenas, Managing successful businesses and starting successful businesses for my bros, living life and taking care of my family.

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Dvinci is a Rockstar based out of Miami, Florida looking to take over the world with his dynamic character. With songs across multiple genres, you can feel his energy no matter what sound he is providing. His lead single “Dirty Diana” has caught the eyes of many with his creative spin on the Michael Jackson classic. If you want to follow what he has coming, his social media handle is @BzDvinci on both instagram and twitter.


ReverbNation: https://www.reverbnation.com/Babyzeusdvinci
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bzdvinci
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bzdvinci/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bzdvinci/