Who is 509Dumé?

From the tropical vibe of Haiti arose 509Dumé, bringing galvanizing & melodious grooves straight to you.These exceptional tunes created from 509’s incredible willpower are forever bringing creations that began with the stars and dust. Slowly redesigning the matrix. He is a legend already in the making, when he gonna drop that “next one” when he already dropped the next one.

He recently dropped his first single “Nearest Star” produced by HaitianRich_, his brother. The poetic ballad has surfaced to the world and it’s taking them by storm. Within the first month of releasing it, 509 was able to get it play-listed by numerous music curators , radio spins from Dj’s, airplay and even a published article from New Jersey’s very own Underground Sound Magazine which was written by MOJA. 509Dumè is set to release his next single “Varsity”, an introspective look on what friendships really are in any game you’re in.


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/509dume
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/509dume/