Face Time Police

Face Time Police, the genre-defying purveyors of “pop macchiato” present a refreshing blend of styles that showcase their own brand of variety with a vision. Made up of Brian and James (the Serra brothers), FTP shatters all expectations and takes you on a journey through an eclectic spiral galaxy filled with illuminated points of light and reason. Fun and catchy, yet artistic and introspective, The Definition of Deviation (the group’s proper debut EP) indulges the listener with big choruses, soaring harmonies, addictive melodies, and lyrics steeped in simile and mired in metaphor.

Embracing an adamant DIY (do it yourself) ethic towards everything they do, the Serra brothers wrote, recorded, and produced their debut EP out of a makeshift studio directly from home.

Mastering engineer Roger Lian of Masterdisk, whose body of work reads like a who’s-who of legendary artists across several genres of music (Smashing Pumpkins, The White Stripes, Mariah Carey, Sheryl Crow, LL Cool J, Pantera, Sum 41, Madonna, Slayer, just to name a few) lauded FTP’s fruits of labor: “I didn’t expect much from a home set-up, but the mixing and overall production of the pre-mastered tracks they gave me to work with were very impressive. They’re definitely on the right track and know exactly what they’re doing.”

From the comfort of their own surroundings, Brian and James were able to freely draw upon their myriad of influences and inspirations (anyone from Jewel to Green Day to Nine Inch Nails to Kanye West, among a long list of others) to create a truly diverse and varied monster of an EP.

Ranging from bouncy pop-rock (“None of the Below”) to a fist-pumping club thumper (“Seashells”) to a heartfelt acoustic ballad (“Nothing Left to Break”) to an alternative hip-hop track (“Minute Made”) to an epic alt-punk-metal closer (“Of Man And Monster”), Face Time Police took this stylistic schizophrenia and forged it into an identity all on its own. An identity free of categorization and free of limitation. An identity that nurtures creativity and strives to keep the “art” in “artist.” An identity defined by deviation.

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