Emma Mae – Hollywood [SINGLE]

I am Emma, and I made a website because apparently that’s something I needed to do.

I write sad songs about boys and booze. I am good at writing choruses. And, I think people take life too seriously so I make it kind of funny. I also accidentally bought a porn site in the process of connecting this website to a domain, which is important information, obviously.

I released my first single in August 2019. It was called ‘Fuckboy’. It’s epic. I followed this up with ‘Make Me Fall’, which is the only happy song currently in my roster, and was actually written and ready before I wrote ‘Fuckboy’, which when you listen to them, makes much more sense.

Shortly after I released Make Me Fall though, the country went to shit and I was stuck in Leicester for 6 months. Instead of whining about it like most people though (even though I’m whining about it now), I wrote an EP, and this actually did good things for me, even though it only came to exist because I was excruciatingly bored. This EP, ‘What it’s Come To’, got me on BBC Introducing, which, to a tiny and insignificant DIY musician like me, is kind of a huge deal. I also got my own google knowledge panel out of this EP, though the information on it is incorrect, that is also kind of a big deal.

I also beat my 3 year goal which I set when I started my uni course, and that was: beat the porn star Emma Mae to the top of the google search. This is the biggest deal of all the big deals. I also bought her website and replaced it with this, so I think I’m winning.

Fast forward to October 2020 and Deadline, a follow up single to the EP, was released. I was very excited, though painfully aware the album cover is the same picture as What It’s Come To, just backwards and pinker. Deadline did quite well too, with more BBC Introducing support which continued through December with the release of ‘Tis The Season, the extremely bitter Christmas bop.

Since then I’ve been fairly quiet. How could I possibly top a Christmas hit with 1k streams in the first 21 hours, BBC Introducing support AND a literal ‘Saxy Santa’ on the artwork. This brings us to early 2021 when I announced my next single, ‘Boys In Bands’, and it unexpectedly showed up in the iTunes Charts (peaking at 83 in all-genre and 33 in the Pop charts). I screamed a lot that day. Boys In Bands marked the start of a new era of music for me, as it was the first release from an album that may or may not be out at some point in the near or far future. I’m busy and tired, don’t judge me.

I’m working towards a new release now – When Paris Calls – which is the second song from this elusive album that I have seriously not got organised at all. It’ll be out on July 30th though, and I hope you can help me beat my charts record by buying it on iTunes (you can pre-order it now by searching for it in the iTunes Store) because that would make me extremely happy.

I have been Emma Mae.

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