Eddy and the Arsons Releases their first song of 2021, “It Will Get Better.”

Eddy and the Arsons, a 3-piece punk band from Chicago that formed in 2017 featuring Edward Larson on vocals and guitar, Adam Pilarczyk on bass guitar, and Jake Boszman on drums, released their newest single, “It Will Get Better,” March 5th, 2021.

Eddy and the Arsons go back to 2017, initially starting as a solo act and transitioning into a full band with a classic punk band’s energy and power. The band has an extensive lineup containing several singles, an EP, and a full-length album, and their new single adds to their discography and fits the rest of their songs very well.

“It Will Get Better,” is a magnificent display of true classic punk rock coming to the modern-day. After the first few seconds of listening, you can hear the energy and excitement the song brings to the table. It starts with an exciting hook layering the vocals to create a harmony, leading to a chorus to start the song. The track feels like a very classic summer beach punk song with the energy to lift spirits almost immediately.

The energy continues through the lyrics as well. Larson speaks on the song starting that song is “a positive vibes kinda song,” the song was formed around a memory he had of a woman crying outside of a bar. Throughout the song, you can hear the lyrics say in a very punk way stating, “I know life sucks sometimes,” but in the end, it will get better.

This song is an absolute homage to classic punk songs with an extremely relatable and essential message. If you want to check out “It Will Get Better,” it is absolutely worth the listen, and you can listen to the song right here.

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