Dust Biters

Goat Monk

If you rock Motorhead, Motley Crue, Thin Lizzy, or ZZ Top patches on your battle vest, You should wear your best shit kickers to the local honkey tonk and double fist through the opening act. You’ll be glad you did when the Dust Biters takes the stage.


Dust Biters is a 4 piece dirty outfit that you only wear on nights that call for cheap beer and whiskey chasers. Nick Kinsley’s catchy vocal melodies will have you dancing and singing along, but his lyrics will make you feel bad for enjoying yourself. Dust Biters is the music they play on the fast rides with hight limits at the county fair. Taboo & macabre subject matter trojan horsed with D beats and guitar leads.

Conceived in 2019 when guitarist Nick Miller & singer/guitar player Nick Kinsley started writing Dear Evil in N. Miller’s Living room. In an attempt to ‘Tone it down a little’ from their previous projects of technical death metal and hardcore punk, N. Kinsley and N. Miller tried to write songs that focused on straightforward song structure, simple, catchy vocal melodies, but with extra raunchy distortion.

The boys went searching for a drummer. Thomas R. van Arsdale & N. Miller worked together and since Tommy had great hair and even better taste in music, he was quickly asked to sit in on some sessions. He jammed with the Nicks to get a vibe and feel out the direction. These jam sessions are responsible for the writing of Creature Man & Dear Evil. Two extremely fast, emotional, and visceral songs that dabble in subject matters such as alcoholism, suicide, & narcissism.  Chemistry and enthusiasm grew quickly between the 3 dudes and riffs continued to be jammed all through the pandemic. And they jammed. Hard.

After locking in a room at Music Zone. Dust Biters loaded in a continued writing barn burners and looking for bass players. Early 2021, Bryan Fonseca walked in on 3 legs, looking like a cuddly tattoo artist. All excited and hungry to rock! Dust Biters buttoned up their lineup and started recording

Using their ‘adult job’ bank accounts, the band purchased gear to record. Tommy & N. Miller had limited recording experience, but enough to start tracking and tweaking material. Mid 2021, the band connected with Anne Gunther of LaLaLand sound to remotely mix and master a demo. The band is actively tracking for an upcoming full-length and booking shows.  You can hear the latest demo release of “Lushed up” on the band’s band camp page now and expect lots of new music starting late august.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DustBitersBand
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealDustBiters
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustbitersofficial/