Evolution. Survival of the fittest. Call it what you will, but there are often concrete reasons why some bands make it and some don’t. The best rock bands make memorable, compelling music, put on live shows that leave their fans speechless, and handle their business like it matters. DROP is one of those bands.

In the five years of their existence, they have gone from square one to being an established draw and merchandising machine on the Midwest hard rock circuit. They have played venues in their hometown of Chicago, IL like the Double Door and House Of Blues, done four years on the Van’s Warped Tour, three appearances at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI, and this year they were added to dates on Lollapalooza, they have also gone out on their own national tours.

Music from their first two CDs “Perfect Absolution” and “Pitifully Human” has received airplay on Midwest radio stations 94.7 The Zone and WIIL (IL), Lazer 103 and Rock 102 (WI), and WKRNA (IA). The band’s website, www.drop-music.com, gets up to 1000 hits a day from their fans looking for show info and downloads of new music and they have built a substantial underground following by being broadcast on numerous internet radio stations. They have also received press coverage in Hit Parader, Metal Edge Magazine, The Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, and Illinois Entertainer.

Now, with the release of their third CD “Suckerpunch” (Direct Impact – Dark Star), DROP is ready to take advantage of their experience, grow their fan base even larger, and put on public display the changes time and touring have put them through. The most noticeable change is the welcome addition of new lead vocalist Russ Stevens.

Stevens is a rock singer in the classic sense, able to go from a whisper to a scream and back again and bring an entire audience with him. The rest of the band (guitarists Jimmy Haboush and Pat Davey, bassist Andy Smith, and drummer Jamie Little) has remained constant and that familiarity paired with the new energy Stevens brings to the table has resulted in the most productive writing and recording sessions in the group’s history. New songs like “What You Say,” “Somebody,” and “Walk Away” rock on a level DROP has never before achieved while continuing to build on the band’s original sound, which has drawn comparisons to Drowning Pool, Godsmack, Black Sabbath, and Alice In Chains.

There is no doubt to anyone who has seen or heard DROP that they pack the gear needed to take their music to the world. They are fully prepared to keep touring, keep selling out shows, and to continue down the road of rage and redemption they put themselves on in the beginning. The release of “Suckerpunch” will prove to new fans what those close to the band have known all along: The only difference between DROP and a million dollar band is the million bucks.

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