Dreamer Boy at the Vic Theater [REVIEW]

Review by: Leyla Rusan

A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes; Dreamer Boy at the Vic Theater

Dreamer Boy at the Vic Theater [REVIEW] 1

The lights are flickering, the countdown in your ear piece is keeping pace with your rapid heartbeat as you are about to step on stage. The audience is anxiously pacing around the venue, waiting for you to open the show. – Dreamer Boy took the stage in this way at The Vic Theater, located in the Lakeview area in Chicago, Illinois. Opening for Benee, the moment he stepped on stage, the eyes of the venue lay on him in awe. His role is to warm up the audience for Benee and play his heart out to an ever-welcoming crowd.

It is a lot of stress and pressure, but he handled it with ease. Dreamer Boy held a short interlude during his set to give a motivational speech about the importance of being a dreamer – holding to hope, and keeping optimism in a world of uncertainty.

Dreamer Boy established a deep connection with the audience; an emotional connection where “it felt like I was jamming out with a friend in my bedroom rather than a filled theater”. The way he completely let his body and emotion feel the music was admirable and contagious. Learning how to be himself on stage, Dreamer Boy, real name Zach Taylor, was dancing with the audience, charismatically encouraging certain moves he wanted to see from the audience.

With no one else on stage to provide the energy, Dreamer Boy had to find the sense of excitement and discovery in himself. Having the audience right from the beginning, he never lost the energy throughout his set. The alternative rock/hip-hop musician was incredibly playful and did not hesitate or feel shy to show that he was enjoying the energy. Jumping all over the stage, he was stable in his vocals, his energy and his stage presence.

Surprisingly, he was not accompanied by a live band, but Dreamer Boy successfully and efficiently performed with high intensity and pure excitement. He performed one of his best-known songs, “Puppy Dog”. Once the guitar riff began, the audience lost themselves along with Dreamer Boy in the feeling of a dreamy tale of puppy love. The psychedelic production and lovestruck lyrics created a captivating groove.

Additionally, throughout his set he made mentions of his hometown, Nashville, by encouraging the audience to square dance with him and scream “Yee-haw!” He continuously developed this feeling of feeling like he is a best friend you are having a dance party with, rather than an established performer, which is an important, commendable trait Dreamer Boy holds. Dreamer Boy’s irresistible cowboy-pop was the perfect energy for the rest of the show and I recommend you check him out when he comes to your town.

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