Dijon Live At Lincoln Hall [REVIEW]

Review By: Dane Roberts

Dijon played two sold out, exceptionally energetic shows at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall last weekend. He’s on the road supporting his album that came out last November titled “Absolutely”. Dijon has been in high demand recently as every single show on his tour is sold out, even while double-dipping in cities like Chicago, Brooklyn, and Nashville. The tour sparsely spans a few months, starting in late April and ending in early June.

The show started a little after 8 to a relatively chill but still very pumped crowd. His shows are entirely his own, as he doesn’t have any openers perform before him, so he could set up his mixing booth and DJ set on stage. It’s more of a calculated performance that he does, it’s an entire set; mixing and remixing your favorite songs and interpolating his own songs into it for a tried-and-true recipe for success in live performance.

Dijon manages to stick to the familiarity that everyone one came for while also adding some extra surprises and sounds. When Dijon isn’t playing sold out shows across the country, he also plays his hand in helping produce songs for some of the biggest artists in their genre like Brockhampton, NAO, and even Charli XCX. His unique work with such seemingly different artists and genres adds to his impressiveness and makes the choices he makes that much more exciting to watch.

Choices he makes in his live shows like mixing songs across his albums together, sampling Britney Spears as an intro, and utilizing his raspy vocal technique makes it clear why this unique performer holds such a high demand. Standouts included the album/tour opener “Big Mike’s”, crowd pleaser and unsurprising hype song, “Many Times” as well as nostalgic romance pop song “The Dress”.

What’s great about Dijon in the studio is that you can feel his passion and heartbreak through his voice, even when you’re not physically there. To translate that feeling in a live setting the way that he did was nothing short of mesmerizing and proves that he’s a worthy artist to keep an eye out for, as I believe his popularity is only skyrocketing from here.

Check out some great live photos here!


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