Danielle Juhre

Biography: Danielle Juhre “DANIELLE” is an American powerhouse soul singer and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. Heavily influenced by the Motown Era since childhood, she integrates her instantly recognizable sound into the charts of today’s music. Juhre is known for her highly acclaimed single, “Does She Know?” written with her cowriters Charlie Bryce Wallace and Emiliano Santoro whilst attending Berklee College of Music.

“Does She Know?” was later mastered by three time Grammy winning mastering engineer, Bob Katz. Receiving instant feedback, “Does She Know?” was placed on the 60th Grammy ballot for “Best R&B Song”, received a licensing deal with Sirius XM Radio, and featured on various radio stations across the United States. Along with the success of her first single, Juhre began her first US tour in 2017 and has performed at the world’s largest music festival, Summerfest, opening for The Neighbourhood.

Currently working on a full length EP to be released in October of 2019, Juhre states that she will be integrating her influences of Motown, Amy Winehouse, and Mark Ronson to create a sound her listeners have never heard before.

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Official: https://www.daniellejuhre.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamdaniellejuhre
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamdaniellej