CHVRCHES Hit Lollapalooza Hard With Bass In Your Face

Photo by: Charles Reagan Hackleman / Lollapalooza 2018

CHVRCHES got a bit of a raw deal at Lollapalooza this year. Nestled between Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys, they form the modern electro-pop meat in a post-punk revival sandwich.

Much of the crowd came for Franz Ferdinand and stayed for Arctic Monkeys. Some of the diehard rock lovers had never even heard of CHVRCHES.

But that didn’t stop CHVRCHES from delivering a flawless performance that undoubtedly earned them some new fans. The production value of the whole performance was top-notch, and every song was catchy and dancey.

“Miracle” was definitely the highlight of the evening. Singer Lauren Mayberry’s voice soared over a rock-inspired beat. The National’s Matt Berninger stopped by to sing their studio collaboration “My Enemy.”

Mayberry’s voice is a strong soprano, with just a touch of that girly sound that is so popular in indie music today. Unfortunately, it was not always very easy to hear of the painfully loud bass. And I mean that literally. The bass was so loud I could hear every beat thump in my chest and my nostrils were actually vibrating at one point. While I do enjoy a strong bass, especially in my electro-pop, it left me with a headache, even with my earplugs.

CHVRCHES puts on a great show, and their fans in the audience sang along to every word. I just can’t figure out how they could hear the words over all the bass.

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CHVRCHES Hit Lollapalooza Hard With Bass In Your Face 4