Euphoric and effervescent, Cheat Codes have it figured out. Perfectly blending pop and electronic music, the LA based three piece, who attract 18 million Spotify listeners a month, seem to know something that we don’t know – they’ve figured out the secret to life, or at least a way to jump right to the good part.

Cheat Codes 1

Comprised of Trevor Dahl, Matthew Russell and Kevin Ford, the group have seen a meteoric rise since they first formed in LA two years ago. “Matt and I met like 5 years ago, and we lived together a few different times since then,” Trevor explains. “We never really made music together seriously. But when I moved to LA, Matt and Kevi started to write and we worked on a song together, and that’s when it all happened.”

Releasing music independently, the group are the 22nd most streamed artist on Spotify, accumulating half a billion streams in the last year. Their track. ” Turn Me On has over 100 million streams, with their eclectic re-work of Salt N Pepa’s “Sex” sitting at 310 million streams. Cheat Codes tunes are favorites in the blogosphere, with their song “Visions” reaching number one on the HypeMachine charts. They’ve been commissioned for official remixes from acts like Kelly Clarkson and Zella Day, played major festivals like the Billboard Hot 100 and Firefly, and have been hand selected to tour with The Chainsmokers.