Cha Wilde’s Newest Release Will Make You Wilde and Free

By Zoe Elerby

Cha Wilde is a powerful young singer-songwriter from Seattle Washington. With a voice like chiffon and the company of her partner, Davey Browne, Wilde puts us in her colorful world where summer, sex and love are the only rules. Wilde and Browne is the perfect end of summer album. Sporting an adorable picture of the couple as the album art, Wilde and Browne create stories around summer love. Wilde and Browne was released on August 5th, the 21 minute album takes hold with its introductory track Tangled. And you will absolutely be tangled in the world that Wilde paints for us with her gossamer voice.

“Love has me tangled and curious, curious. What’s out there? Life has me tangled and tangled and curious. What’s out there? What’s out there?”

“I keep on beating the sun to the dawn, drinking the darkness and swallow”

With this introductory track, there’s a clear intention with this album. The vocalist is singing about her perspective on life, stretching simple images, like watching the sun rise, into a quiet ballad to life and the curiosity that comes with human nature. Wilde’s voice leads the song with a bass drum behind her and sparkles of synthesizer, leading to a somewhat dreamy sound. This is the kind of song that comes with a cup of tea; it is calm, it is brilliantly repetitive and the message is clear. Maybe curiosity didn’t kill the cat, at least in Wilde’s case.

The concept of curiosity is a big theme of this album, right next to the long sought after concept of freedom. In the second track, Black Bunny Ears Wilde is our narrator as well as a character. The “you” she is referring to is another woman who is struggling with her love life in a way that Wilde relates to.

“Whisper I hear: you kinda like guys. They got you tied up in the wrong ways. Come be with girls, come be with girls, we like to play.”

“La la la lady, maybe kiss me. Break his heart.” Both of these lines are sung with care but a sense of vitriol toward the men who clearly hurt the person Wilde is singing to. With deep and soft, almost Blues inspired guitar behind Wilde’s gossamer voice, our narrator is trying to be as kind as possible to the other. Another line in the beginning of the song makes it obvious that the “you” Wilde is singing to is being abused in some way:

“Black Bunny Ears, dark dance floor. Whisper your fears, last chance whore.”

To which Wilde sings the chorus right after, telling this person that she needs to fight for her freedom. And Wilde’s first suggestion is for the two of them to kiss. Wilde, according to her blog and social media posts, is a big advocate for living the life you want and finding your truth. This song is just one example of her mentality and morals, another on this album being Free Summer which has the word “free” in its title.

Wilde and Browne is an album that refers to sex and love by actively combating the usual stereotypes. Wilde’s voice feels like magic, and her kind heart leads every song to a happy ending. Things don’t always work out when it comes to love and sex but when it comes to the person who wants it, they should have the freedom and curiosity to pursue it. You can find Wilde and Browne on Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

About Cha Wilde and Davey Browne

Cha Wilde is a singer-songwriter, music producer, painter and yogi who writes about love and freedom. Davey Browne is a guitarist, engineer and shipwright who writes comedic storytelling songs. They are married and have been creating songs together since 2015. The music they create together tends to be raw, sultry, and playful. They just released their first joint album, Wilde and Browne, which they recorded in their bohemian loft studio in Seattle.

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