Lunar Statues is an instrumental, chillwave solo project from Ego Mechanics frontman, Seth Arp. Lunar Statues sound is both intimate and atmospheric, creating calming hypnotic grooves to get lost in.Continue Reading

Ego Mechanics is a two-piece rock duo hailing from Chicago, Illinois. They use a combination of melody and raw power to craft songs that call back to the glory days of instrument-based DIY musicianship. Influences from alt-rock heavyweights like Jack White, The Black Keys, and Arctic Monkeys can be found within the creases of their music.Continue Reading

MonkeyRat ST 2016 photo by Niels Gether Nielsen

Anna Iachino is the songwriter, vocalist, rapper, & spoken word artist. Arnold Ludvig is the composer, arranger, & award-winning virtuoso bassist. MonkeyRat delivers multi-genre music rooted mainly in Funk.

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The New BNI 2020

“What fun, happy tunes! “Winning Ticket” shimmers with early Romantics hookyness. “Count on Me” is so early 1960s Buddy Holly meets Bobby Fuller. And then there are tracks like “Fall for You,” “Bit by Bit,” and “I Knew” which vibe the fresh, crisp melodic rock and roll sound of the Paul Collins’ Beat. This is a no-risk purchase if you’re looking for a hooky no-nonsense pop-rock record.”

Posted by Dennis Pilon in Poprock Themepark – Poprock Record ~ Songs with a hook
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Head Shop is a blend of rock, funk, psychedelia and acid blues. From St. Louis, MO, Head Shop is a solo project by Vincent Hely, formerly of Electric Sheep, psychotronics, The Vince Hely Project and more.Continue Reading