Alleys and Gangways

Alleys and Gangways is wide array of punk rock, alt rock and old fashion rock and roll. Influences from various artist from the Alkaline trio, Blink 182, Cheap trick, Rise against. TBS, MCR, Social Distortion. Trying to put heart and soul with a sound true to out roots of rock and roll with real emotion Continue Reading


Musical weirdos from Illinois with a dark, introspective vibe that’s both joyous and melancholic—that’s Dreamjacket. They’re the sonic blanket you wrap yourself in to drift off into a shoegazey haze.Continue Reading


Theyrgy’s second release builds upon their sonic mash of Post-Punk, Industrial and Shoegaze attitudes. We can stay inside, but can we go inside? The questions are identity. Believe what we see, but what do we breathe? All life ensouled, unseen. Covered as it were, by the language symbol. What is this knowing without action? Interrupteur / interpreter, on or off? A life tossed like dice. No, not in this green field. Resistance in pestilence. Renewed and reformed. Did safety enrich or inure us? Power is a given pretending. So, it is. Let’s chant prayers and answer them unanimously.Continue Reading