Captain Coopersmith

Captain Coopersmith Biography:
Hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Captain Coopersmith is a six piece rock band, active since 2013. Their first album, the self titled Captain Coopersmith debut, is a sonic tour de force of music and lyrics. Melded together, they formulate a complex concept album that explores the nature of human reaction, and how different perspectives will lead to different outcomes, even in the same situation. A band that tackles such heavy subjects so masterfully rarely gets to claim such accomplishments after only one year of playing together. Captain Coopersmith is a special exception however, as its members have worked together extensively, developing remarkable chemistry, before starting their most current project

With such a solid instrumental foundation intact, Captain Coopersmith further showcases their talent with powerful three-part harmonies. Joey Scully and Tommy Glaviano take turns singing lead, with both having plenty to offer. However, they work best when they’re all working together as a trio. With the addition of Hanna Azcui, they are a supreme joy to listen to.

Their beautiful harmonies are crafted successfully largely in part to the strong rhythm section. Mike McAvoy and Austin Williams offer a full, rich, and stable foundation that allows the rest of the band to really unleash upon their most creative melodies and solos.

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Band Name: Captain Coopersmith
Year Formed: 2013

Genre 1: Rock

Genre 2: Jazz

Genre 3: Jam

Band Members:

Joe Scully – Guitar/Keys/Vocals
Tommy Glaviano – Guitar/Keys/Vocals
Mike McAvoy – Drums
Eric Gianakakos/Austin Williams – Bass

Nate Drews – Trambone
Hanna Azcui – Keys/Vocals


Captain Coopersmith released in 2014

Purchase or stream here:

Venues Performed at:

House of Blues Chicago, The Metro, Martyrs’, The Genessee Theatre, The Bottom Lounge, Double Door, Debonair Social Club, The House Cafe, The Original Mothers, The Underground Lounge, Reggie’s Rock Club, Kelli’s Cuckoo’s Nest, Rosie O’Hare’s, Even Flow, Chicago Loop Sports Bar, and many more.



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