Bush Live at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater [REVIEW]

By: Tom Antonson – Photos by: Roman Sobus

A truly mesmerizing performance by Gavin Rossdale and the band last Wednesday evening when they opened for Alice in Chains and Breaking Benjamin. The tour is promoting their much anticipated 9th album “The Art of Survival” scheduled to drop on October 7, two years since their last release “The Kingdom” in 2020.

Chris Traynor’s guitar solos, Gavin Rossdale’s vocals and Nick Hughes drum work and bassist Corey Britz reminded those in attendance they would be rewarded for being there while the sun was still above the horizon. Bush as a band has been around since the 90s and despite some personnel changes and a decade-long hiatus they remain at the top of their game.

Their ten song set began with Kingdom and moved seamlessly one song after another punctuated by guitar changes and song intros. A notable moment was when Gavin headed into the crowd during Flowers on a Grave and interacted with fans along the way. He made a decidedly longer stop at a wheelchair bound young man. The smile on his face remained long after Gavin was interacting with fans on the lawn. It was an up close and personal experience of a lifetime!

Once back on the stage, a quick gesture of respect to the road crew and bringing his family on stage, a rousing verse of Happy Birthday along with audience participation for his son Zuma’s 14th birthday. Cake with lit candles completed the mini celebration.

The band quickly moved into More than machines, followed by a chilling solo electric version of Glycerin by Rossdale which gave gave way to a rendition of Comedown complete with audience participation to close out the set.

A set that ended much too soon, one that could easily have added another half a dozen songs from their library. I felt pleased but hungry for more. Looking forward to seeing them again in the near future!

Setlist: courtesy Setlist FM

1 The Kingdom
2 Machinehead
3 Quicksand
4 Bullet Holes
5 Everything Zen
6 Blood River
7 Flowers on a Grave
8 Happy Birthday ( Zuma Rossdale’s 14th birthday)
9 More Than Machines
10 Glycerine (Gavin Rossdale Solo)
11 Comedown


Photos © 2022 by: Roman Sobus




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