Brooke Barry

Biography: With musical influences ranging from modern pop artists such as Ed Sheeran and Melanie Martinez to powerhouse female vocalists like Pat Benatar and Taylor Swift and even the classic rock legends AC/DC and Led Zepplin, it’s no wonder that Brooke and her guitar quickly draw a crowd. Possessing the unique ability to tell a story that captivates her listeners but also makes them want to sing along, Brooke’s soulful voice and skillful guitar playing leave listeners mesmerized, wanting more. And it’s always been that way.

At just two years old, while her mother was hosting high tea, Brooke, who barely spoke at the time, climbed up onto her parents’ coffee table and wowed the guests – belting out every word to Britney Spears’ debut single “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” From then on, she sang, but no one took her seriously until an elementary school talent show.

“I was a soccer-playing tomboy as a kid, but I really loved to sing,” explained Brooke. “At my fourth grade talent show, I performed “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, and I shocked everyone. My parents knew I liked to sing, but didn’t know that I was actually good at it. After the performance, a man came up to me and said ‘young lady, you should never stop singing – ever.’ Many people encouraged my parents to give me vocal lessons, so I began in fifth grade and stayed with my coach until my sophomore year of high school.”

Brooke began to study guitar during her freshman year of high school and started performing at open mic nights within the year. Within months, Brooke had a solid fan base and performed new, original music each week. Determined to turn her talent into a career, Brooke decided to graduate high school a year early and signed with a manager a few months before graduation.

Upon graduation, Brooke moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in the Musicians Institute to get her feet wet and begin meeting people. At the same time, Brooke began to work with songwriters and learn how to write collaboratively. She is now in the studio for the first time, working with a producer, writers and engineers to create her debut EP, which will contain a mix of rock and electronic elements.

At only 18 years old, Brooke is growing each day and working to become a master in her field. She’s developing as an artist, performing regularly at open mic nights and now taking piano lessons to become even more versatile. Although she is constantly evolving, her musical vision has remained the same.

“I like music that makes you want to sing, has a lot of depth and tells a story,” said Brooke. “I really strive to create music that makes you feel something as you sing along.”

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