Bones – Stronger Than Ever at Lollapalooza

Photo By: Dennis M. Kelly

Bones (UK) is the rock band we’ve all been waiting for. The band is made up of singer Rosie Bones and guitarist Carmen Vandenberg. Their music is gritty, sexy, and has a slight Nine Inch Nails electronic sort of vibe.

The women also bring femininity and feminism into the music. Their song “Beautiful is Boring” talks about traditional ideas of beauty and how shallow it is to see people for only their appearances. The song has a sexy, sultry instrumental that makes me think about how sexy and beautiful are very different concepts.

“Sexy means you’re confident, and that’s not reliant on how to you look. The most beautiful people in the world can be cripplingly insecure. So it’s not about how beautiful you are, it’s about how you feel inside. So if you’re sexy, you’re confident,” says Bones.

The women are incredibly resilient. Nothing seems to get them down. They recently moved to Los Angeles on a whim and found the transition to be more difficult than they imagined.

“Everything is a learning experience,” says Vandenberg.

As women making their rock, they have faced blatant sexism. “Girls Can’t Play Guitar” is one of their most popular songs that discusses one such incident, when a man told them that women biologically are incapable of playing guitar as well as men.

“It’s not like “poor me syndrome.” Maybe Carmen had to make sure she’s better at guitar than some of the boys but that made her better. But that’s a good thing. It made her work harder. Great. She’s a better guitarist for it. Let’s not focus on the negatives, let’s focus on the positives,” says Bones.

“It can be hard, but when something’s hard, you try harder,” says Vandenberg.

Bones is currently touring the US. If you like the rock hard and listen to some talented musicians, this is one show you need to put on your calendar.

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Biography: Female-led LA via London duo BONES had a busy 2017, tearing up the stage on tour across the U.S. and gaining a massive following off of only two singles, “Beautiful is Boring” and “Girls Can’t Play Guitar”. This year is even more packed, joining the all-star lineup for The Howard Stern Tribute to David Bowie, covering “I’m Afraid of Americans” for the King of All Media’s compilation celebrating the legendary artist, showcasing at SXSW and their debut festival performance at Hangout Festival in May.

Forging their own distinctive sound with the help of vicious guitar, provocative lyrics and industrial electronic drum and bass, BONES is aiming to make a huge impact on modern music.

Rosie (singer) and Carmen (guitar), create all of their own images, videos and luck, catching the attention and toured with the likes of: Highly Suspect, Band of Skulls, KOOKS, PVRIS, Skunk Anansie and Miyavi. And it’s easy to see why. They’re is creating a new form of rock and roll, firmly placed in the 31st century.






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