SOUNDS OF CHICAGO – Best of Chicago Music 2020

Hosted by: Dennis M. Kelly



00:01:10 – EGXBH/Eugeine Grey and the Bad Habits – “Altered Beings” –

Eugeine Grey and The Bad Habits is a high energy American Alternative rock 4 piece from Lombard, IL. Piecing together sounds from big names such as QOTSA, Nirvana, Highly Suspect, Local h and Aktar Aktar.


00:08:26 – Cortez Bryson – “Politics In Fashion

Biography not available at time of publishing


00:11:59 – Broken Robots – “Dimes and Quarters” –

Broken Robots was formed by Kat Baker and Tony Baker in December 2017, when the duo began writing music together in their Chicago apartment.

Kat and Tony Baker met off the highway exit at Lake Street and 355 in April 2015, at a time when both had decided to give up on their passion for music. Kat was a former folk singer-songwriter and Tony was a former audio engineer, musician, actor, and vocalist in a variety of projects spanning from 1996-2008. Kat was working a miserable sales job, and Tony was panhandling. Their relationship began after months of Kat driving by and giving Tony dollars and cigarettes, and eventually evolved into regular trips into the Chicago ghettos together to buy drugs. By May of 2016, the couple had been arrested together numerous times and were being investigated by law enforcement in multiple counties.

Against all odds, they managed to turn themselves around and In December of 2017, Broken Robots was born.

They began by releasing single tracks on SoundCloud about their experiences with death, mental illness, addiction and redemption. They compiled these tracks into their debut album, “Home Is Not a Place”. They were later joined by bass player Lonnie Phillips and are currently working on their second release, “The Escape Artist”.


00:16:45 – LowKeyLina – “Lifeline” –

Angelina Sciortino, popular on social media by her username, Lowkeylina, is an American TikTok star and social media personality. A native of Chicago, Lowkeylina has always been interested in performing. She began dancing at an early age and later became a cheerleader.


00:22:31 – Matt Derda & The High Watts – “Betsy Layne” –

Matt Derda & The High Watts, a Folk Rock group from the Chicago area, combines storytelling with resonant melodies.

Blending Rock N Roll riffs with Eastern Kentucky roots, they’ve created a unique sound that captures the essence of Johnny Cash’s Nashville and the grit of rock acts like The Replacements..


00:27:59 – Modafoca – “Maldita Policia” –

Modafoca es una banda de generos como Pop Punk cn un toque de ska por el lado.

Modafoca is a band of genres like Pop Punk with a touch of ska on the side.


00:32:29 – Dharma – “Synthetic Doll” –

Dharma Station is an Alternative Rock band based in Chicago, Illinois. The band was formed in 2016 in Chicago by musicians from the US and Mexico.


00:38:39 – And The Animal – “Gasoline” –

And The Animal is Niki and Gori. Two creatures from a different dimension. They create music and through their spells make a group of humans play it.

Niki and Gori’s tunes are an eclectic journey packed with electronic, groovy and powerful beats, infused with a hint of dark undertones and organic sounds. They have a pet called KATA that gives them potions for inspiration.


00:42:38 – Westwood – “Run Away” –

Alternative Rock from the ourtskirts of Chicago! Our new EP, “Fight or Flight” Out Now! #westwoodtheband


00:48:12 – Ego Mechanics – “This Other Side” –

Ego Mechanics is a two-piece rock duo hailing from Chicago, Illinois. They use a combination of melody and raw power to craft songs that call back to the glory days of instrument-based DIY musicianship. Influences from alt-rock heavyweights like Jack White, The Black Keys, and Arctic Monkeys can be found within the creases of their music.

Ego Mechanics released their debut EP “Wreck” in October of 2016, a collection of raw blues rock songs that only scratches the surface of what this duo is capable of. In December of 2017, they released a single “Burnt Orange” that sees them elaborate upon their gritty sound while making room for expansion. Their second EP “This Other Side,” produced by Grammy award winning engineer, Chris Steinmetz was released in June 2020.


8-bit crEEps – Tee Aali – Marina Alyse – And The Animal – Larry Anthony – August Hotel – Batteries Not Included – Black Magick Marching Band – John Boda – Bree Gordon Band – Broken Robots – Cortez Bryson – BVAX – Enrique Calderon – The Capra Brothers Band – Casserole – Phil Circle – Clamor & Lace Noise Brigade – Cliffhanger – Sarah Coco – Cordoba – Bill Cornish – Crown Vic Royal – The Cyberiam – The Darling Suns – Dead Living – Dead Original – Death Pop Radio – DEHD – Dharma – Double Identity Band – Ego Mechanics – EGxBH – Electric Villain – Bailey Evert – Eric Ezra – Bret Figura – Doug Florzak – Audrey Foxx – Gelexaida – Go Hang Music – The Go Luckys – Stavros Gregoriou – Justice Hill – Hobbyist – Flabby Hoffman – Honey Cellar – Ignescent – Impulsive Hearts – Jack Bodie – JahQuea – Danielle Juhre – Slomo Kanofsky – Greg Kasper – Kevin Lee & The Kings – The Kinetic Console – Bryan Joseph Kuhn – Kung Lao – LowKeyLina – Lucca – Luna Blu – Matianak – Matt Derda & The High Watts – Brendan McCormack – Chad McCullough – Karl Meyer – Microcosms – Erika Miner – Modafoca – Model Stranger – The New Starts Now – Mackenzie O’Brien – Jason O’Donnell – Old Gloria – Opliam – Opshional – OUTDrejas – The Outfit – Bruce Pill$ – Donny Pomerlee – Red Spot Rhythm Section – Cheryl Rodey – AJ Rosales – Ben Ruettiger – Ariel Ryder – Mel Senese – Serena Z – Shytown – Sick Day – SIIN – Snake Dealer – Kay Soul – Dave Specter/Billy Branch – Speed Babes – Spooky Boo – SpyBoy Vic – Stampy – Sunndog – Sweetie – Jeannie Tanner – Manny Torres – Wendy and DB – Westwood – WHATISMU – wht.rbbt.obj – Bear Williams – Wrong War – Young Detectives

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