Bellhead are a Post-Punk duo made up of two Chicago scene veterans who have left their mark across the tattered live music scene. Consisting of High Bass/ and Lead Vocalist Ivan Russia, formerly of the infamous Ahab Rex, Mr. Russia, and Sheriff Scabs; partnered with Low Bass/Vocalist Karen Righeimer- who has been featured as a current or former member of bands such as Fashion Bomb, Team Cybergeist, W.O.R.M, Now I’m Nothing, mindfluxfuneral, Bethany Thomas, and Pigface.

Sometime in the spring of 2018 during a hard night of consuming adult libations, these two bass slingers decided that a new double-bass project was needed in this world, and ultimately, Bellhead was born. Their music together as Bellhead can be characterized by two part harmonies along with hard edged bass lines that are littered with drum machine sounds akin to the  pummeling of Godlfesh or the sophistication of NIN’S Chris Vrenna. The duos songs may have a simplicity to them but that only hides the dark lyrical content (love, lust, murder, crime, drugs) , massive driving beats, and the filthy bass sounds that they can squeeze out of their nebulous and shadow rigs.

The band was recorded by Neil Strauch (production/ technical assistance of Iron and Wine, Counting Crows, Owls, Joan of Arc, Walking Bicycles and Slow Mass among many others) and is being mastered by Carl Saff (production/ technical assistance on Acid Mothers Temple, Smoking Popes, Red Fang, Guided by Voices, etc). Neil and Carl worked together to bring out the crushing sounds of Bellheads numerous influences.

One can hear The Kills, Bauhaus,  Blood Red Shoes, Sleigh Bells, Death From Above, Royal Blood, DZ Deathrays, The Raveonettes, The White Stripes, She Wants Revenge, Helmet, BRMC, The Warlocks, and even a call back to The Jesus and Mary Chain featuring Hope Sandoval’s “Sometimes Always” ditty all captured in their debut release.Their live show consists of a complete audio and visual attack on one’s senses by using elements of noir film, strobe lights and walls of fog to truly capture the serial killer feel that one feels while being trapped in a large metropolis like Chicago where crime and corruption are the norm.

Bellhead’s 2019 successes included being a part of Side Line Magazine’s Face the Beat Compilation- which was on the top 10 downloads on Bandcamp, performing alongside Metropolis Records’ Ego Likeness and Stoneburner, played and featured on WKQX Local 101 radio show, and completing a midwest tour supporting the Runaway single release. Bellhead’s singles Runaway and Fire Control are both available for download and streaming on all major platforms.

Bellhead has already set in motion to have a successful 2020. They are featured on the Electronic Saviours Volume 7 compilation, DSBP Records Vol 7 compilation, and are  providing direct support for The Birthday Massacre, Julien-K, and Sister Kill Cycle.

Bellhead’s 2020 EP release, Unicorn Bones, is set to release on 7/20/20.

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