Photo by Jeroen Vranken

Biography: Automata’s sound is like a lucid dream: there’s a subtle familiarity in it that lures you into something altogether otherworldly. Blending dub, soul, pop, blues and rock with break beat, electronic, ambient and classical music, the Chicago-formed quartet seamlessly shifts through an endless spectrum of organic and mechanical textures. One is likely to find themselves meandering through a spaghetti western one moment, a Kingston dance hall the next. Truly an act to be seen as well as heard, Automata pairs their tracks with psychedelic video work for their live performances.

In July of 2009, only two months after solidifying their lineup, Automata made their way into I.V. Lab Studio to record Microcosm with engineer Jay Marino. In five tracks, their self-produced debut EP shows off the group’s ability to incorporate a myriad of styles in their music while still having a defined, cohesive sound. As the title suggest, Microcosm is a complete representation alluding to something much larger and extensive. With a rapidly expanding catalogue of songs, Automata plans to record their first LP in 2010.