duet for Valentine's Day

Solitaire Miles and Howard Levy duet for Valentine’s Day Happy Valentine’s Day! Call Me Darling… Solitaire Miles and Howard Levy collaborate in a starry-eyed duet for Valentine’s Day with “Call Me Darling”, a retro crossover Jazz/R&B favorite. The duo is very adept at discovering and re-arranging long forgotten musical treasures,Continue Reading

Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne – Looking back on 2020 – with Solitaire Miles and Howard Levy I love hearing holiday songs,  even thinking about the holiday albums, yes, actual records,  will remind me of my childhood home. I will remember lying in bed and seeing the oversized Christmas lights hanging onContinue Reading

Lonnie Johnson

Paying Tribute To Lonnie Johnson Chicago’s Susie Blue & the Lonesome Fellas has brought some of the best roots, blues and jazz players together again for a tribute to the great blues man Lonnie Johnson.  Led by harmonica maestro Howard Levy, the band features guitarist Zvonimir Tot in this newContinue Reading

"The Language of Music" by Mike Herting 3

“The Language of Music” by Mike Herting “Music has been essential to every culture for thousands of years. Even in the driest of deserts, in the midst of nothing but sand and heat, people will find ways to make instruments and express themselves via music. Music is a part ofContinue Reading