Susie Blue's One Way Ticket

Susie Blue’s One Way Ticket Chicago vocalist Solitaire Miles has a talent for lighting upon long forgotten, recherche songs and making hits out of them. Some of the best musicians in Chicago enjoy collaborating with Miles because she always finds something interesting for them to dig their chops into. EvenContinue Reading

Forever Yours

    This Valentine’s Day Chicago’s Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas releases a Lovers Confection -a ballad drenched in the simple yearning and angst typical of young lovers from bygone days.  Sweethearts who are left clutching their phones, ardently  pledging their devotion, though they may be forced apart byContinue Reading

Chicago’s Susie Blue aka vocalist Solitaire Miles is crooning a Retro Honky Tonk  version of “White Christmas” and it’s getting a feature on BBC Radio! The holidays can be a hectic time, but here’s a reason to close your eyes for a few minutes and let the simplicity of timeContinue Reading

The Headless Horseman Swings Again 6

Are you ready for a spine chilling frolic this Halloween?  The Headless Horseman swings again! I’ll bet you never thought of a swingin’ Headless Horseman, but Susie Blue has…. and she’s gathered an international assemblage of blues and swing musicians including UK Crooner Dominic Halpin to charm you with theContinue Reading

duet for Valentine's Day

Solitaire Miles and Howard Levy duet for Valentine’s Day Happy Valentine’s Day! Call Me Darling… Solitaire Miles and Howard Levy collaborate in a starry-eyed duet for Valentine’s Day with “Call Me Darling”, a retro crossover Jazz/R&B favorite. The duo is very adept at discovering and re-arranging long forgotten musical treasures,Continue Reading