Apartment started in early 1999 with Caila (vocals) and Christine (keyboards) making electronic part live, part sequenced music and creating some of apartment’s first songs. The object was to eventually grow into a band when musicians where found. Ariella (guitarist) a friend and schoolmate of Caila and Christine was added, followed by Natalie (cello). All four early members attended Shimer College, a small “great books” college in Waukegan Illinois. These four formed the core of the group adding some songs and playing a few gigs, which resulted in very positive responses and other gig offers. Open to non-traditional pop instrumentation apartment invited Joe Exley (tuba) to sit in. Joe eventually left for New York replaced by talented upright bassist James Wallace. Jeff Kelly, graduate of The Berkley College of music added his drumming talents and stylistic versatility to the apartment mix.


Caila Lipovsky,
Christine Heinisch,
Natalie Brewster Nguyen
Ariella Lake
Jeff Kelly
Joe Exley
James Wallace
Barry Bennett

Genre: Chamber punk and cabaret funk


CDBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/apartment