Melodic Hard Rock Studio Project, Alex Bracy, Releases new single “Song 2”

Melodic Hard Rock Studio Project, Alex Bracy, Releases new single “Song 2”

Alex Bracy is an accomplished guitar player from the local Chicago area, he has played in several bands from the area over the past decade, which has led him to share the stage with many known acts such as Bret Michaels, Candlebox, Hinder, Filter, Puddle of Mudd, Uncle Cracker, and several others. He has also had the ability to rock many of the area’s most profound stages such as The House of Blues Chicago, Taste of Chicago, and The Rave in Milwaukee. Since playing in other bands Bracy has moved on to a solo project in which he writes, produces, sings, and plays all instruments other than drums. 

In his newest release Song 2, it opens with a synth then abruptly switches into the instrumental guitar instrumentals that seem to have a heavy influence of 90s and 2000s era rock. Bracy is by no means new to long and epic songs, and this song fits in his discography well clocking in at 6 minutes and 26 seconds taking the listener on a journey they won’t regret.

Bracy writes that “Song 2 is about moving on from a negative situation in life” which is an important message to be sharing through music to his listeners and his fans

Bracy seems to be hinting towards more new music with his regular release schedule and also has mentioned that he may be having a CD coming out and hopes to bring his act to the stage at some point in the near future.

Give his new song a listen here:

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