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Chicago Music Guide – Your Guide to Great Music in Chicago!

Chicago Music Guide is a music resource webzine dedicated to working with all entities of the music and entertainment industry.

Founded by Dennis M. Kelly in 2004, Chicago Music Guide began as a reference for friends and quickly grew into a multimedia guide throughout the Chicagoland area. Chicago Music Guide holds a desire and mission to highlight, educate, and assist musicians and all those involved in the music industry in a timely, relevant, and personable fashion.

Many of the staff members of Chicago Music Guide are current/past musicians or other members of the music industry community, ensuring a unique presentation and extra care to artists, professionals, and readers.

Sounds of Chicago

Sounds of Chicago is a podcast designed to give Chicago area musicians a place to be heard no matter what genre of music they play. Hosted by Owner/Editor, Dennis M. Kelly. Have a listen to the shows here!

Global Music Podcast

Another podcast hosted by Dennis M. Kelly, Global Music Podcast brings together songs from across the globe to help expose you to as many different styles and influences of music possible. You can listen to the shows here.


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Chicago Music Guide sponsors select events deemed appropriate and have included events such as, the United We Stand Festival Presented by Free and Equal, Ravenswood Artwalk Festival, NARM and the Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Festival. We welcome future opportunities to sponsor events and if you would like us to sponsor your event, please contact Dennis M. Kelly at DKelly@ChicagoMusicGuide.com with all pertinent details.

Local Musicians Supporting Local Causes:

Local Musicians Supporting Local Causes was created in 2015 as a means to pull the talented musicians of our community to help support our community from within. While the events have been on hiatus, they are returning in 2021 and the non-profit is chosen collectively, sometimes being a personal connection for band members. Look for events coming very soon!


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